Tuesday, 29 May 2012

App-Tacular Competition!

Hold on to your hats! I've been plotting a fabulous
competition to launch the App Puppy blog


To enter simply ...

1- Tell us in 100 words which picture book you would most like to see made into an app and then...

2-  recommend us to a friend on Twitter (@maybeswabey #apppuppycomp)  or on  Facebook

Post your entry on the competition prize photo page on the Facebook page, Tweet OR email your entry with your contact details to emma.booksniffer.odonovan@gmail.com

Here's the swag!
(On a Generation Game style conveyor belt !)

1 extremely limited edition (1 of only 3 in the whole world) App Puppy Canvas Bag designed by the fair hand of penatical genius Steven Lenton

1 Top-o the range iPod nano - which not only can play you all your fave pop toonze but can also be worn as a watch! Smashing!

1 copy of Oliver Jeffers latest picture book treasure
   The Huey's and The New Jumper

1 specially wrapped copy of Operation Alphabet - one of the darnedest bestest picture books AND apps I've seen in a looong time

As well as a selection of books reviewed on the Book Sniffer blog over the last few months

The winner will be picked at random on the 30th June
- UK only


  1. Hello App Puppy!
    You are the cutest app puppy I have ever seen and this is a wonderful competition, thank you! Here is my reply in exactly 100 words:
    love from Caryl

    I would love to see Let's All Hide from Wibbly Pig by the legendary Mick Inkpen made into an app. It would be so much fun to play hide-and-seek with Wibbly and his friends! It would be cool if readers could opt to pick the hiding places themselves, then pass the iPad to another person to do the seeking. The app could include lots of disguises for Wibbly’s friends to wear and a game to make sandwiches and cakes for a party afterwards. I think Mick’s drawings would work really well on an ipad too, as they are so cute!I would love to see Let's All Hide from Wibbly Pig by the legendary Mick Inkpen made into an app. It would be fun to play hide-and-seek with Wibby and his friends.

  2. Dear App Puppy,
    Here's my entry to your amazing competition!
    hope you like it...
    Helen D (aka CAppTivated Kids blogger)

    I would love to see Meg’s Veg, by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski made into an app. Meg and Mog books would be brilliant on the iPad because they have such bright, bold colours, text stripped to the bone, and action on every page. Who could resist helping Meg and Mog to dig the garden, plant seeds, stake peas and thin carrots? You could help Mog to make his scarecrow (bagsy mine a HUGE hat) and put everything into the cauldron for Meg’s spells. And finally, help Meg, Mog and Owl to eat their veg!* (*actual real-life veg eating optional).