Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sock Monster - A Junoberry App by Lorna Freytag

It’s a well known fact that dogs are connoisseurs when it comes to sock munching and know that no nibble goes unpunished, well not for the Sock Monster

In this delightful story written and illustrated by Lorna Freytag and brought to life by the clever people at Junoberry, it appears not only is the Sock Monster eating your socks, you’re actually helping him to do so… (well who can blame you when he’s just that darn cute!)
A cross between a cotton ball and an excited puppy, the gap-toothed Sock Monster is hungry for more socks and it’s your job to feed him by touching a sock and watching him GOBBLE, MUNCH and CHOMP it down before he fades away forever!

We particularly like the way he changes to the colour and pattern of the sock after he’s eaten it!

This delightfully handcrafted story is easy to navigate with the recurring interactive elements highlighted, so that even the tiniest of people can work the app.

Certain words in the story are capitalised for emphasis when read, making the app also perfect for children who are learning about expressions.

You can also choose if you want to read the story yourself or listen to it read by a very enthusiastic Scottish lass.

Many story book apps tend to concentrate on computerised fiddly bits and sometimes forget about the narrative 
however the Sock Monster has achieved the perfect balance.

The interactivity and animation is engaging and fun without being distracting. The sound effects are also brilliant, listen out for what sounds like a giggling Gollum at the title page and farting socks
Overall this is a great app for young children or tiny monsters) and it will make a fabulous picture book!

Just remember, next time you loose a sock don’t blame the dog, blame the Sock Monster!

  • The Sock Monster refusing to eat pink polka dot knickers
  • Stinky socks (no doubt belonging to Dad – phew!)
  • A fully functioning washing machine!
Lorna Freytag is a hugely creative illustrative force her work fuses together her love for photography, illustration and children's stories. She uses her many scribbled sketchbooks, digital camera and post-production techniques to bring her ideas to life.
Originally from Edinburgh, Lorna has worked as a photographer in New York, Dubai, London and Sydney. She applies her unique and quirky style to editorial and commercial jobs, private portraits and fine art projects. She has just illustrated her fourth children's picture book “My Humongous Hamster Goes to School” (due to be published by Piccadilly Press early 2014)

My Humongous Hamster

Lorna kindly agreed to answer some questions for us so here they are...

What was your inspiration behind The Sock Monster?

When i initially started to sketch down the idea it was for a traditional printed book. There are lots of stories out there about sock monsters (he's a bit like the tooth fairy or the easter bunny i suppose) and I felt I could do something a bit different with him so i started playing around with ideas. Mostly i just sketch and daydream until something gets me really excited. I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli animations and of the "My Neighbour Totoro" film in particular so the Totoro style character was a huge inspiration

What was the most enjoyable part of bringing The Sock Monster App to life? 

Creating the initial character and researching pomeranian puppies, fluffy white cats and rabbits was fun. Then i just used bits and pieces of each image and put them together in photoshop to create the monster. It took me a while to decide about his mouth though as a few people said a real mouth was too creepy but he is a monster after all and although i wanted him to be cute i also wanted him to have a little bit of a "scary edge".  I had a great time buying lots of different coloured and patterned socks too : )

Why is The Sock Monster missing a tooth? 

I wanted him to look childlike... like when a child starts losing their milk teeth around age 7- it just gave him a cute quirky look. Socks are not bad for your teeth or anything and he definitely brushes and flosses every day!

You can find out more about Lorna and her amazing work by visiting her website 

With HUGE thanks to 
Lorna and the Junoberry team 
and secret agent Amy Ellison